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CEO and Founder

February 2019 – Present

Knowing what to say when it comes to your own business can be complicated. StoryWorks can help you clarify your message and grow your business.

Some of the work I have done as a Storybrand Certified Guide :


Marketing Strategy

Website Design

Search Engine Optimization

Sales Funnel Creation.


Valley Church, a thriving church located in the western suburbs of Des Moines, Iowa, that started as a church-plant by three couples in 1995, now has over 4,000 regular attenders. In 2009 Valley Church launched the Love You Des Moines campaign to love our surrounding community. In 2013 Valley Church built the Valley Community Center, a 30,000 square foot facility that acts as a hub for partnerships for doing good in the community, with the community.

Director Of Creative Resourcing

February 2018 – November 2019

The Director of Creative Resourcing works in a strategic leadership role, alongside the ministry directors of both Valley Church and the Valley Community Center, to create the best possible ministry environments and experience for both guests and regular attendees, through the delivering fresh ideas, innovative best practices, and cutting-edge ministry options.  

This position also works alongside the Valley Global Opportunities Team (#ValleyGoTeam) as the “eyes and the ears” of Valley Church in it’s world-wide mission, capturing stories out in the field to be shared back to Valley Church and how they as a church are impacting the world through it’s Global Missions.

Some of the work I have done as Director Of Creative Resourcing :

Strategy And Planning

  • It takes hundreds of volunteers to fulfill the work done each week at Valley Church and the Valley Community Center, so I was asked to research and develop an overall comprehensive strategy to inform, locate, and recruit new volunteers. (Select to view .pdf of this report.)
    • Created a strategy using data to determine from regular attenders of who was actually serving vs not serving.  By gathering multiple data points from all the directors about their current volunteers, we can then cross reference this data against regular attender data to determine who in fact was a regular attender and was also serving in a volunteer capacity.
    • Created process to help directors determine what roles or aspects of their jobs they should be doing themselves, vs delegating to volunteers.
    • Created Volunteer recruitment information funnel to find new volunteer prospects.
      • Volunteer Job board located in Atrium.
      • Email blast that goes out to regular attenders who have been identified as not serving.
      • Ministry Information available at Alpha Courses.


Director Of Creative Arts

August 2013 – January 2018

As the Director of Creative Arts it was my job to lead a team of full-time, part-time and volunteer staff to help craft moments that would draw those who call Valley Church their home into a time of worship, reverance and learning.  The Creative Arts team provided this experience each week in 7 individual services, held within 5 seperate venues. 

Leader Of Paid Staff And Volunteers

  • Worked in partnership with Sr. Pastor and teaching pastors and guest speakers to create an environment to effectivly communicate their message.
  • The Creative Arts team of Valley Church, consisting of  one full-time and three part-time paid team members.
    • Led Volunteer team of over 80+ musicians, vocalist, and production team to provide all aspects of Creative Arts Ministry.
    • Led Stage Design team and created stage designs from concept to completion for all Stage Design used through weekend services.
  • Provided 7-weekend services located throughout 5 venues by leading both paid staff and volunteers.
    • Venues And Times
      • West Des Moines Campus
        • (Auditorium) Sunday Services 8:15, 9:30, 11:00
        • (Chapel) Traditional Service 9:30 – Video Venue
        • (Chapel & Auditorium) Saturday Evening Service, 5:30pm
      • Valley Community Center
        • Mapelnol Cafe Venue (Video Venue) Sunday @ 9:30am
      • Southview Campus
        • 9:30 AM Service
          • Led, staffed and launched worship and tech teams for Southview Video Venue Plant.
          • Led Purchase of all Audio and Video Equipment for video venue.
      • Eastview Campus
        • Led Special services at Eastview Campus.
        • Led Purchase of Audio and Video For Facility.

Developed Volunteer information and appreciation programs.

    • Created the Valley Worship Website a information recource for new volunteer sign-ups and a more effective way to communicate with Valley Creative Arts Volunteers.
    • Created the Valley Worship Private Facebook Group for weekly communication to all who serve within the ministry.
    • Created the public Valley Worship Facebook page that allows us to communicate with those interested in our ministry.
    • Created multiple team appreciation methods.
      • Birthday/Anniversary Cards
      • “Atta boy” cards (Starbucks Gift Cards)
      • Appreciation posts on Facebook and social media
      • 4 Major appreciation events each year. 1 Per Quarter.
        • All Team BBQ
        • Christmas Celebrations
        • 52 Volunteer Made Team Meals. (Each Saturday Evening)
        • Pot Lucks and Other Meal Celebrations.
        • Vision Nights
        • Prayer Events
    • Took two teams overseas to lead worship for Reach Global Europe Missions Conference.
      • 2012 Germany
      • 2013 Slovenia.

Facility Remodel and Expansion

    • Led Remodel and Installation of West Des Moines Auditorium and Chapel video projection, 16:9 screen install and PA systems.
      • 2014
        • Remodel of Stage and installation of Wood Flooring.
        • Purchase and Install of Lighting System and Lighting Controller.
          • Prior to me becoming the Director, we would have significant equipment rentals to fulfill our ministry needs each year.  Within my first year we made a major purchase of equipment, in lieu of renting, that caused a savings of over 18K each year following.
        • Integrated all house lights into our lighting controller to be controlled from one central location.
        • Purchase of truss, stage curtains and, lifts.
        • Remodel of 2 Side Screens from 4:3 rear projection to 16:9 Front Projection Screens.
        • Install of 2 HD front projectors.
        • Install of HD front projector and screen in Chapel.
        • Install of audio into the Atrium.
        • Total budget for this project $47k.
      • 2017
        • Purchase and install of Nexo PA system and Yamaha Front Of House for Auditorium.
        • Purchase and install of PA system for Mapelnol Venue located in the Valley Community Center.
        • Budget for these two projects $225k

Managed Facility Rentals

Each year the facilities of Valley Church; Auditorium, Chapel and the Valley Community Center, would be rented out on an average of 80+ additional events each year, this would be in addition to the regular week services.  My role as Director of Creative Arts would be to ensure that each client had been communicated with, contract secured, staffed, and made available whatever resources they needed to have the best event possible. To better handle this responsibility we completely reworked the Facility Rental process at Valley and initiated the use of to better facilitate these requests.

“More” Night Of Worship

  • Led 5 “More” Nights Of Worship
    • Each Night Of Worship consisted of 3 separate bands/teams.
      • 2 full bands and 1 “unplugged” band for each night, to include as many volunteers into the evening as possible.

Concerts and Artist Hosted

  • 4 King & Country
  • Joy Williams
  • Geoff Moore
  • All Sons & Daughters
  • Ballet Magnificat
  • The Reason with Nick Hall
  • Denver & The Mile High Orchestra
  • The Martins

Guest Musicians

  • Ben Mars – Bassist, Gavin Degraw
  • Jonathan Martin – Bassist, Vocalist, 6 Time Dove Award Winner, 2 Time Grammy Nominee
  • Neil Strofengen – Keys, The Nadas
  • Javier Leal – Guitarist, Trans Siberian Orchestra
  • John Carlson – Saxaphone, Willow Creek Community Church

Creative Arts Lead Associate

October 2008 – August 2013

  • Recorded, produced and edited all video for Valley Church.
  • Created and produced all backing tracks used in worship services.
  • Led the Technical Arts Ministry Of Valley Church
    • Supervised the Tech Associate
  • Managed Volunteer Musician Team
  • Scheduled all musicians
  • Led all rehearsals
  • Worked with Architects for the design of all Audio/Video for Valley Community Center.
Point Of Grace Church, no longer in existence, was founded in 1995 in West Des Moines.  When I joined the team in 2000 POG averaged around 800 in weekly attendance.  Over the next 7 years the church grew to over 3000 in weekly attendance. In 2004 Point of Grace purchased over 80 acres in Waukee, Iowa and moved even farther west to become one of the larger churches in the Des Moines area.

Director Of Programming

February 2000 – October 2007

  • Produced and led team for all aspects of service programming for 4 weekly services.
  • Led Instrumentalist – POG utilized a 20+ member rhythm and brass band each week.
    • Created all brass arrangements for weekend services.
    • Managed volunteer and paid musicians
  • Led all service rehearsals
  • Created and led production team.
    • Midweek – Create Story Content, Video, Editing.
    • Weekend services – 3 Camera live video production.
  • Supervised technical director.
  • Created Guest Services Ministry
    • Recruited, trained and developed 80+ volunteers.

In 2003 worked with architect David Price and Sr. and Lead Pastor to design and create new state of the art, 800+ seat facility in Waukee, IA.

Hawthorn Hills Community Church When I joined HHCC in 1998 they were a portable church of 350 that met in a high school cafeteria in Lake Forest, Illinois.  In 2006 Hawthorn Hills became part of  The Chapel at Grayslake.  It’s now called The Chapel Hawthorn Hills.

Worship Pastor

July 1998 – February 2000

  • Oversaw all aspect of service programming for weekly services of a portable church.
  • Led all volunteers for Worship, Musicians and Vocalist
    • Scheduled all vocalist and musicians
    • Led all rehearsals
  • Recruited trained and led Set-up and Tear Down team of 30 individuals to set staging, lights and PA each week for a portable church environment.
  • Led Cornerstone, a monthly Sunday evening Worship night for the core members of Hawthorn Hills.

Ministry Experience – Part-Time

Community Church Of Joy

Music – Student Ministry

Christ Church Of The Valley

1993-1995 Music Director

Eagan Hills Alliance

1995-1997 Worship Pastor

Pure Heart Church

1997-1998 Worship Pastor Assisted initial launch of second campus.

Westview Church

2007-2008 Worship Consultant

Business Experience



February 2010 – Present

Owner and Founder

Previously TimYates Marketing.Media.Music Founder and Owner.  In early 2018 I changed the name to StoryWork Marketing & Design.

Storyworks is a full service marketing and web design company.

  • Full Marketing Strategy and Design
  • Web Design
  • Hosting
  • Jingles
  • Radio
  • Video


President and Founder was an online resource created to help worship pastors locate topical content for their weekend services.  The idea which originally came to me while attending a Willow Creek Arts Conference, was early in the internet development process,  before Facebook and Twitter, was to create an online virtual brainstorming room modeled after a Willow Creek style brainstorming session. The first 3 years included:

  • Raised over $130K in development funds through locating investors.
  • Developed proof of concept, designed using Ruby On Rails.
    • Hired Project Manager
    • Ruby On Rails Programmers
    • Graphics Design
    • Developed GUI
  • Established Partnerships
    • Praisecharts
    • Sermon Spice
    • Willow Creek Association
  • Developed Marketing Plan

Community Involvement

Valley Riders Des Moines

April 2019 – Present

In partnership with the Valley Community Center I created the Valley Riders, a riding club for those who love motorcycles within the greater Des Moines area.  This group meets once a month for a scheduled ride and community.  

Utilized the RSVP resources of

Develope website for Valley Riders


Bethel University, St. Paul, Minnesota

1995 – 1997 Bachelor Of Arts (B.A.), Music

Glendale Community College, Glendale, Arizona

1991 – 1992 Associate Of Arts, Music

Many times, when trying to work through a specific challenge, we can be too close to the problem to not see the solution. Tim has the unique ability to look at any situation with an “out of the box” perspective that can lead to success. As a former business partner and friend, I’d highly recommend contacting Tim for whatever your current situation might be.
Mike Stuart

President, FamilyArc

I have worked with Tim on the senior leadership team of a large church and have found him to be a creative problem solver with excellent people skills. He brings an even-keeled steadiness that avoids the unhelpful highs and lows that can derail the effectiveness of a team. I have found Tim to be a strong, decisive, collaborative leader who values both the members of his team and the goals of the organization. Tim Yates is without question, one of the people you want in your corner.
Bryan Host

Director Of Small Groups, Valley Church

Tim is a very talented person. He has done a great job managing and creating the Relay Iowa site. Tim has great communication skills along with his innovative ideas. Highly reccomend Tim!
Bill Raine

Founder, Relay Iowa

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