Helping you develop A clear message to Further your cause


Identify. clarify. serve.


You have worked hard to build your non-profit and understand
to be effective relies on the spreading your message.

Website. Social Media. Radio. Television. Print. Live Events.

I understand if you’re not a marketing specialist,

knowing where to begin can be overwhelming.

You need a plan. A strategy.

Need a website or just need to rework your existing site?


In 2018 I launched StoryWorks.Design to help businesses, churches, and non-profits clarify their message to grow their organization.

I’d love to work with you and see if there is a solution for your online needs.


Other areas I could help

Creative Brainstorming

If your creative is stuck, I can “un-stuck” it.

Event Production

Create an event, large or small, that will captivate your audience and motivate them to move.

Tell Your Story

Video, written form, or presented live, communicate a message that will motivate your audience to action.

Problem Solving

Sometimes it’s lonely here “out of the box,” but it can also benefit you. Let’s find a way to advance your dream.

Let’s Talk!

Tim is a very talented person. He has done a great job managing and creating the Relay Iowa site. Tim has great communication skills along with his innovative ideas. Highly reccomend Tim!
Bill Raine

Founder, Relay Iowa

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