Discover the right words for your marketing to grow your business.

Create a steady stream of new leads, make more money, and gain the freedom to do what you want to do, all by discovering the right words.


Attract More People


Create More Sales


Make More Money

'Hope' alone, will not grow your business.

Effectively leading a business means owning multiple areas of responsibility, such as accounting, human resources, sales and marketing, and all must get done in order to survive.

 Trying to do too much often leads to leaders who are tired, frustrated, overworked, overwhelmed, and feeling like they are just not ‘measuring up’ to their own standards.

So most are left to do what they can with what little time and resources they have and hope it enough. But you and I know you can’t grow a business on hope.

You deserve to have the business you dreamed of. 

Discover the words you need to build the business you've always dreamed of.


Gain More Time

Have a healthy growing business that doesn’t suck time away from your life.

Capture Solid Leads

A steady stream of good solid leads 24/7.

Make More Money

More people means more leads, more leads means more sales. Giving you a business that makes money.

Enjoy Your Freedom

A business that gives you the freedom to do what you love to do, instead of doing what you must do.

Your story is all too common.

tim yates certified storybrand guide

Hello, I’m Tim Yates, Certified Storybrand Guide.

I understand that most businesses, non-profits and churches are led by people, just like you, who’s dreams always seem to be greater than the resources in both time and money that they have available.

But, for all of us the good news is that you and I have unlimited access to the most valuable resource we need in order to achieve success.

Words. The words we use to explain who we are and what we do.


“Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

– John F. Kennedy

When the right words are spoken, the possibilities are endless.

The right words, spoken at the right time and place, possess unlimited power to do amazing things. 

The great news for you and your marketing is that the right words are always available, and the right words are always free

The right words are just waiting to be discovered.

With the “right words,’ you can:

  • Grow Your Business.
  • Grow Your Church.
  • Grow Your Non-Profit

 As a Certified Storybrand Guide, I specialize in, with the help of the SB7 Storybrand Framework, helping you to discover the right words to thrive in whatever it is you do.

Tim Yates

Prior to becoming a Certified Storybrand Guide, Tim as a business owner and non-profit director worked with businesses, non-profits and churches to help them discover their best message and clearly communicate what it is they do and how they can help their customers, attenders or donors and make their lives better.

Storybrand Certified Guide

Three Steps To Discover Your Words

1. Schedule A Call

Every story must have a beginning. Our story begins with this 30-minute phone call so I can learn more about you and the problem you are trying to solve.

2. Select A Plan

Select the plan that will provide the best marketing collateral for the problem you are experiencing.

3. Plan For Growth

Once a plan has been selected, we will identify your “right words” and begin the process to develop and grow your future.


Your words will not return void.

Although every story is different, it is common among organizations that enact the Storybrand Framework to experience a 10X return on their investment. Unless there is some underlying problem within your business model, clarifying your message will greatly increase the effectiveness for all of your future marketing collateral.

How I Can Help You Discover The Right Words.

The Basics


  • A Clear Brand Story
  • One-Liner
  • 90-Minute Discovery Zoom Session

Basic Plus


  • The Basics Plus
  • Home Page Wireframe
  • Lead Generating PDF

Full Sales Funnel


  • Everything Plus
  • Interior Web Page Copy (4 Pages)
  • Email Sequence (6 emails)

Need A Website?

I run Storyworks Marketing & Design

Over the past 20 years I have worked with churches, non-profits and businesses, to help them create their marketing collateral. This has included, websites, social media, SEO, print-pieces, radio ads, tv commercials, short documentaries, jingles, and trade shows. Over the years I have partnered with the best in the business and that is why I can confidently say, that regardless of your marketing needs, our team at StoryWorks can deliver. Schedule A Call and let’s talk about your business.

Happy Customers

Right away I knew working with Tim was going to be different. He was able to quickly get to the core of what we do, and then build a website and sales funnel that works! I love it!

Kevin Anthofer

Owner, Route 69 Customs

I am a financial development consultant working with small non-profits. Tim helped me with several clients by providing a process to refine and clarify their messaging to both constituents and donors. They found it very beneficial.

Vernon DelPesce

CEO, Vedco Inc.

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